The L Gallery - Portrait photography

Portrait photography

A portrait is a very interesting part of photography, where photographers capture people's moods and expressions. They can be close-up images, body portraits, etc. Typically the face of the model should be the main focus of this type of photography. While taking a portrait, the photographer should ensure that the subject’s face is sharp and focussed, especially eyes.


The L Gallery - Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography itself is a challenging way of clicking breath taking beautiful landscaping photographs. This way of photographing style was first introduced in 1858 by French photographer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon. Location plays a significant role when it comes to Aerial Photography. Sunrise and Sunset are considered to be the golden hours of the day to take Aerial Photography.

The L Gallery - Fashion Photography

Fashion photography

Fashion photography is a photography genre that focuses on displaying clothes or other fashion items. It is one of the biggest, most profitable areas of photography. This photography is very creative and visually very interesting and can be taken in any location like a studio, an apartment, a rundown building or anywhere outdoors. Today, fashion photography is one of the most desirable fields of photography and career option.